Cockayne confident about the future

Ben Cockayne

HULL KR winger Ben Cockayne is moving from the field to the commercial team as he looks to build a career off the pitch.

The 34 year old will be joining League One side York City Knights next season in a playing position, while moving to a background role at Rovers.

On this decision Cockayne said: “The important thing for me is that beyond this season I will still be able to have a connection with this club.

“They have given me a lot of support over the years and it’s time for me to give back, it’s a role I’m excited about because I’ve got some fresh ideas to bring in. It all revolves around making the connection between the fans, players, staff and sponsors better and stronger.

“Without blowing my own trumpet I think I’m an ideal candidate to help the club advance in certain areas, I’m looking forward to it. I will be upstairs and I’m guessing I’ll be under some kind of instruction up there but at the same time, I’d like to think I can bring my own stuff to the table as well.

“From a point of view of communication between what the players need, I think I can help those guys upstairs understand more from a players’ point of view of what is important. I think I’ve got an important role to play and it’s one that I think I can do well.”

“My mind is telling me I want to keep playing and I’ve still got the bit between my teeth, I’m a firm believer you are a long time retired and I wouldn’t want to come back out of retirement for one more go.

“My body feels great and while that’s still the case, I’m excited about the challenge at York as well next year. They have ambition, good young players and a great coach. The partnership they have with KR means I will still be able to have an influence on the KR youngsters.

“But at the same time I would love to have one more run-out in front of the East Stand, maybe if we can get the job done and results go our way, I’ll get that chance before the season is over.”


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