Perez confirms second Canadian team

TORONTO Wolfpack CEO and founder Eric Perez has revealed that there will be a second Canadian professional side introduced into Kingstone Press League One.

Perez is also confident of another promotion season next year, as his side aim to make it to Super League at the first attempt.

Perez said: “I think what you are going to see now is a breaking down of the boarders and seeing league’s coming together. I don’t see why that can’t happen and I think it would be good if it came off.

“I can see all the major professional North American league’s integrated into Europe within 15 years. You can’t grow anymore in North America, so why not go transatlantic, the RFL have done it, and they are the first to test the waters.

“It’s a massive step up because nearly all the teams in the Championship are full time, they are professional and spending upwards of a £1m on salary caps.

“We have made a few signings so far, and I am sure we’ll need to make some more to be competitive, because it will be tough next year, we will lose some games.

“The aim for next season would be to improve again and hopefully go straight up, that’s amazing to think that Toronto would then have a Super League side. A team in the top league of UK sport and the second most watched league behind the Premier League, English soccer.

“There is also going to be a second Canadian team introduced into the league off of the back of what we have created this season. They will start in Kingstone Press League One like we have done,

“The team should be up and running within six months and it will be in the boarders of Canada but in a North American time zone.”


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