All Golds on the hunt for new Head Coach

Image source: @AllGolds

GLOUCESTERSHIRE All Golds general manager Pat Evans says he has received up to 30 applications for the new head coach role at the club.

Evans said: “We are currently discussing as a board what we want as a coach, and one of those factors is that we want the head coach to be based as close to the area as possible.
“With a suitable travelling time regarding distance, unlike what Lee Greenwood has done over the past three years he has been at the club, where he’s had to travel three hours there and back to where he is based.
“We’d like to get some attractive candidates in to discuss the role with the parameters with which we have set, such as locality. We wouldn’t want them to come from Yorkshire or Lancashire, however it all depends on quality of local applicants that we get in.
“We haven’t advertised for it yet, however I have received at least 30 applications for the role, which is exciting.”

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