Rumford provides update on Gloucestershire merger

Image source: @Oxford_RL

OXFORD boss Tim Rumford has said there is no update regarding the state of the situation on a possible merger between his cub and Gloucestershire All Golds. However he reiterated the fact he would like the whole thing sorted out sooner rather than later.

Rumford said: “I have spoken to one of our directors, and it seems that everything is still up in the air and nothing has been finalized. They are no nearer to deciding what the format of the club should be next season.

“I have a lot of players now asking me what’s going on, and I can’t tell them because I don’t even know.

“Reading between the lines I think people would like something to happen between the two clubs. However there is a lot of bureaucracy going on, and there will be a lot of red tape to get through for it to happen.

“I don’t know how quickly it will move on but I’d like to see it sorted as soon as possible. There has been a meeting and some proposals have been put forward to the governing body for them to discuss, but that is far as it has gone.”


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