Toronto sweep up at Award’s Night

Image source: RLFans Forums

TORONTO Wolfpack picked up a number of prizes at the award’s ceremony last weekend, they included League 1 Club of the year award, and League 1 Player of the year award won by Craig Hall.

Representing the Wolfpack on the night were Business Development Officer Martin Vickers, and Director of Rugby Brian Noble. There was also someone from the Canadian team’s main kit sponsor, Kappa at the event.

Noble who collected both award’s said: “It’s been a great year for us, these pioneers have bought into what we were trying to do and have worked really hard all year to get to where we want to be.

“The same goes for all the other clubs that have travelled over to Canada this year as well, the feedback we have had from everyone is really positive and the fans are bonkers, they love rugby league over there and the sport has great potential in North America.”

On Hall’s prize, Noble added: “He’s had a phenomenal year, he’s scored 442 points, Craig is a quiet unassuming bloke but he leads with his actions on the field and under Paul Rowley’s guidance this year he has developed real leadership qualities. He knows when something needs to be said and he’s been invaluable to us this year, he’s a terrific talent.”

A representative from Kappa said: “Since we became involved it’s taken off more than we ever imagined. The interest has been absolutely massive and this is just the start, we’re confident that our partnership with the club is going to expand from here and we hope to see them celebrating promotion to Super League in 12 months’ time.”


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