Sharpe outlines plans for Barrow

Image source: @bbccumbriasport

BARROW Raiders chairman David Sharpe laid out his plans for club at a supporters evening last Wednesday.

In it he revealed the club was in debt to the tune of £60,000 but calmed supporters fears by saying much of this had already been paid off.

Sharpe’s main focus was looking towards the future, with the Raiders being promoted to the Kingstone Press Championship, he and head coach Paul Crarey know the next objective is to survive in the Championship.

Sharpe told the North West Evening Mail: “It shouldn’t be a problem and we’re getting on top of it now. One of the benefits of the off-season is you don’t have the players wages, so the overheads drop and it’s just careful management.

“It’s helped, the fact we have got promoted and therefore there is a bit of prize-money for winning the game on Sunday. We’re confident we can get this immediate debt, which is just bills that have built up a little bit, paid and sorted.

“If we want to stay up there, we’ve got to have a good team and to have a good team costs money, and that comes from the commercial side.

“While this year, we benefited from winning the League One Cup and getting through to the last 16 of the Challenge Cup, next year we’re not going to be winning the league, with all the best will in the world.

“It would be wonderful if we did, but we need to make sure the commercial side of the business is working well.”


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