Lingard discusses the importance of fitness

Image source: @Cougarmania via Twitter

KEIGHLEY Cougars boss Craig Lingard has spoken about the importance of fitness, and getting the team as fit and ready for the new season as he possible can, insisting that pre-season won’t be made easy.

He told the Keighley News: “I think we showed last year against full-time Toronto that, certainly when we played them at home, we were the stronger team coming up towards the end of the game.

“The boys are fit but if you’re looking after the ball, you’re always going to be a lot fitter because you’re not defending as much. We looked at games last year where we struggled and found we were completing at around 45 per cent, which isn’t good enough. It’s going to impact on your fitness levels if you’re doing that much defending.

“It comes hand in hand. If you’re fit and strong, we’ve also got to be sensible with the ball. We’ve got to execute correctly in order to maintain that fitness we have got.

“The facilities (at BGS) are brilliant, the gym is spot on and it’s a 3G all-weather pitch. I don’t think the guys are too happy with the amount of rowers and spin bikes, they will certainly be getting their money’s worth out of them.

“It’s not only important for us to get the resources that they’ve got, but also to try and look after our pitch as much as we can too. We’re going to try do a bit of renovation on that to make it a better quality surface for us to play on. So it’s important that we go and look elsewhere to train, and give it a bit of a rest.”


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