Thorman can turn Giants around

HUDDERSFIELD Giants Head Coach Chris Thorman believes he has learnt a lot whilst being interim boss.

Thorman took over first team duties after the Giants sacked Rick Stone. Thorman says the role is different to just being an assistant.

He also insists that he can help change the club’s fortunes around, saying: “I’ve enjoyed it. It’s very different being Head Coach compared to an Assistant, you can imprint your own philosophies on the team, not that I’ve had a great deal of time to do it because of the Easter period.

“I’ve had some acknowledgement from the group and I just think that if we can get some bodies back and stay healthy then we can go places and I honestly believe that.

“We’ve got a lot of good players missing but at the same time I’m aware of the situation and it’s really important that performances pick up.

“We did against Leeds and just dropped off against Catalans in the last 25 minutes but we’re going to stay positive and will keep fighting our way through it, that’s all we can do.”


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