Workington stadium hits snag

Workington Town have hit a bump in the road for their new stadium plans as the local council has had a change in leadership. This may effect the bid to have no 2021 World Cup games to be played in Cumbria.

With Labour losing the local elections, the proposed 8,000 seater capacity stadium which would be shared by both the rugby club and football team has now been put into doubt.

Supporters recently set up an online petition in support of the development, World Cup chief Jon Dutton has insisted that if the stadium doesn’t go ahead, then Cumbria will not host games in the tournament.

On the situation Dutton said: “We are aware of the leadership changes at the council and the potential impact this may have on the stadium project. Since the local elections we have, and will continue to have, dialogue with the council.

“We completed an open bidding process in 2018 and the impressive Allerdale bid included the new stadium. Our decision to host games in Allerdale was conditional upon the stadium being built as there are no viable alternatives available locally. As confirmed previously, we have a contingency stadium should the new facility not be developed in the agreed timeframe. This stadium is not in Allerdale or West Cumbria, we remain committed to working with the partners in Allerdale.”


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